RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE GUESTHOUSE § 1 SUBJECT MATTER OF THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. These rules and regulations stipulate the rules for provision of services, liability and staying at the premises of the Guesthouse, and are an integral part of the agreement which is executed through making of a reservation, payment of a reservation fee for your stay at the Guesthouse, filling-in and signing of the check-in card. By pursuing of actions mentioned in the previous sentence, the Guest confirms that they have read and accepted the provisions of these Rules and Regulations. 2. These Rules and Regulations apply to all persons staying at the premises of the Guesthouse. 3. These Rules and Regulations are available for viewing, both at the Reception Desk and in each room. § 2 HOTEL NIGHT 1. The guesthouse room is rented for hotel nights. 2. A hotel night starts at 2:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m. at the departure date. 3. The Guests who fail to check-out until 11:00 shall be charged with a fee of another hotel night. § 3 CHECK-IN AND PAYMENT 1. The base of the Guest’s check-in is to produce their identity document including a photo and signing of a check-in card at the Reception Desk. 2. During their stay at the Guesthouse, the Guest may not make the room available to any third parties. Persons who are not checked-in, are not allowed to stay in the rooms. 3. The Guest is obliged to pay the whole fee for ordered services, or its remaining part, at the date of commencement of their stay, when accomplishing their check-in formalities. 4. In the event the Guest cancels their stay when the hotel night has already started, the Guesthouse does not return the fee paid for a given hotel night. § 4 SERVICES 1. The Guesthouse provides services according to its category and standard. 2. In the event of objections related to the quality of service, the Guest is requested to immediately submit it at the reception desk, to enable the Guesthouse staff to react and improve the standard of provided services. 3. The Guesthouse is obliged to provide the Guests with: 1. conditions for a complete and unhampered relaxation; 2. safe stay, including security of confidentiality of information about the Guest; 3. professional and kind service within all services provided in the Guesthouse; 4. cleaning of the room during the Guest’s absence, and in their presence only if they express such request; 5. Additionally, at the request of the Guest, we provide the following free of charge services: Providing information related to the stay and journey, waking up at a settled time, depositing money and valuables in the deposit-box during the Guest’s stay at the premises, storing of the Guest’s luggage, ordering of a taxi. 6. At the request of the Guest staying in the Guesthouse with an infant (up to 3 years of age) a free of charge baby-cot is brought to the room. § 5 LIABILITY OF THE GUESTS 1. The Guest holds full material liability for any type of damages or demolition of equipment items and technical devices in the Guesthouse, which occur by the fault of the Guest. 2. In the event of infringement of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the Guesthouse may refuse to provide services to a defaulting person. Each person is obliged to immediately abide by the demands of the Guesthouse, pay for the already used services, pay for possible demolition and leave the Guesthouse. 3. For safety reasons, each time when leaving the room, the Guest shall close the windows, turn off the TV, switch off the light, close the water tap, close the doors. The key shall be left at the Reception Desk. For losing the key and the chip, a fee in the amount of PLN 100 is charged. 4. Smoking is completely forbidden in the Guesthouse, this also applies to balconies. In the event of infringement of this prohibition, the Guesthouse shall charge the Guest with a fee in the amount of PLN 400. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. § 6 RETURN OF ITEMS LEFT IN THE GUESTHOUSE 1. Items left in the rooms by the leaving Guests shall be dispatched (at the Guest’s expense) to the address indicated by the Guest. We are not liable for any items left behind. § 7 NIGHT QUIET TIME 1. The night quiet time is in force from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. of the following day. Conduct of the guest and persons using the services of the Guesthouse should not disturb the stay of any other Guests. The Guesthouse may refuse further provision of services to a person infringing this rule. § 8 COMPLAINTS 1. Complaints are accepted at the Reception Desk. A complaint should be submitted immediately after noticing of a failure in the standard of provided services, during the stay. § 9 MISCELEANOUS 1. This Guesthouse does not allow pets. 2. We care for the environment. Join us. Hang up your towel, if you want to use it again. Leave your towel on the floor only if you want to have it changed. We change the bedlinen once every 7 days. If you wish to have your bed linen changed, please declare it earlier at the Reception Desk. 3. Due to the fire protection requirements we ask: not to use immersion heaters, electric cookers, toasters, kettles and other similar devices which do not constitute the equipment of the Guesthouse. 4. Walking in ski boots in the Guesthouse also bringing in of skiing equipment, bikes, baby strollers into the rooms is forbidden. They shall be kept in a designated area. 5. The Guesthouse is not liable for damage or loss of a car or any other vehicle owned by the Guest. The Guesthouse offers an unguarded parking lot for passenger vehicles, which is closed during the night quiet time.


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