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Allow us to bring you to unforgotable travel! We will start in our cosy guesthouse and we will walk through Droga do Białego and after a moment we will arrive till Forest of Biały. We can spend a minute by the stream, during the spring we can meet there froggs and in the winter  time we can see a lot of snow around (don’t forget about sledges for childreen!). On the fork we shall turn right direction Biały Valley; while turning left it’s the way to Wielka Krokiew and Snowlandia but we will tell about this later.

Biały Valley (Dolina Białego) – one of the most picturesque tatras valley; it’s located only few houndred metres from Zakopiański Dwór. Walk there is nice and easy (you will not need any special equipment; except winter – then it’s good to have crampons); it’s going along the river, forest path till the waterfall and from there to Sarnia Skała or choosing Ścieżka nad Reglami till Kalatówki or directly to Strążyska Valley (Dolina Strążyska). It’s good idea to have a walk to Sarnia Skała, where with good weather you can see panoramic view to Zakopane and Giewont Mountain; it’s ideal place for short break, enjoying view and later go down to Strążyska Glade (Polana Strążyska). Glade is known because of the wonderful view to the mountain Giewont, which is nice to see any time of the year. What’s more, just few steps more and we will have opportunity to see lovely little Waterfall Siklawica. It’s easy to feel like in fairyland.  On the meadow we can drink a tea and eat a piece of cake in little tearoom. After that we will be ready for the way back – this time along the Strążyska Valley (Dolina Strążyska). From this place it’s possible to start the way to the top of Giewont – one of the most famous mountain in Tatras that you can easy see from Zakopane. If you will be not too tired we can propose continue way to Little Meadow Valley (Dolina Małej Łąki), from where you can also admire wonderful view to the mountain Giewont. Choosing both options will end up in the same place where we will turn right and take the way back going way called Ścieżka nad Reglami. In the winter time it’s good place for playing in the snow, to sledge downhill or make a skitour trip. Don’t forget to make a snowman! With sunny weather we can enjoy sun and spend a moment on the meadow, make a little picnic, read a book and relax after intensive day.  After few 15 minute walking we will be again in front of the entrance od Biały Valley where we started our trip. For another day we can choose Wielka Krokiew – famous ski jump and go up to side the place where ski jumpers start competition. Every year is Zakopane is organised international ski jumping competitions. From that place we can go along Piłsudskiego and Zamoyskiego street to the most populat street of Zakopane – Krupówki. There you can meet other tourist all day long. Good idea is going to the popular view point – Gubałówka. On the way it will be a lot of opportunities to buy souvenirs from the region. To the Gubałówka it’s possible to take a cabin up and down and after a moment admire fantastic view of the Tatras. Always you can meet there a lot of people but anyone it should be on the to do list in Zakopane. Don’t forget after coming back to Zakopiański Dwór eat delicious dinner in our restaurant. It's prepared by our fantastic chef. Maybe would you like to have a private moment of relaxiation in our Relaxation Zone? :)


Longer  trips

For this trips you will need a bit more time and using car/bus transport. We recommend using locals buses which are going very often and will take you directly to the place where you can start your walk. Don’t waste your holiday for staying in traffics! Ask our friendly reception Staff about trips advice.

Trips which we presente they are good for any time of the year. However, you shall remember to check current information about weather forecast before start the trip; during winter it’s good to have a crampons even for valley walks. Always inform reception Staff about your trip destination (for your own safety!). Take care of yourself and your loved ones, when weather suddenly change  (especially when it’s going to be stormy) – go back immidiately. Tatras will wait and your health is the most important!


Morskie Oko – for sure, one of the most popular road in Tatras! From the parking of Palenica Białczańska we will walk around 8 km (about 2 hours), mainly through famous asphalt road. We will pass ‘fasiągi’ – horse-drawn carriage but we recommend to have a walk – it’s not difficult way. Due the big popularity of this place it’s good to start the trip early morning. After aproximately one hour walk we will see fork – we can continue our way or take a shortcut through the forest (about 15 minutes less). Visiting lake is good idea any time of the year. It’s complately different place during summer time and in the winter when the Surface of the lake freezes. Beautiful view is starting on the way but byt the lake you can see amazing Tatras view, including Rysy – the highest mountain on the polish side. From this place it’s possible to continue the way to the top (for experience hikers). It’s possible to make a little walk around the lake or visit next lake – Czarny Staw. Sometimes we could have opportunity to see there wild animals. When you will start to feel a bit tired you can relax and eat something in Schronisko PTTK (mountain refuge) and take the way back. For this trip it’s good to have a full day and after going back relax in our guesthouse :)

Rusinowa Glade (Rusinowa Polana) and Gęsia Szyja – is well known because of the wonderful view to the Tatras. Our trip we can start in Wierch Poroniec or in Zazadnia (this way we will pass wooden church Sanktuarium na Wiktorówkach); bus is going the same direction like to Palenica Białczańska, but we have to get off before. Walking to Rusinowa is good idea for warm day but also in the winter time, possible with kids. With a bit of lucky and nice weather we will possibility to admire a fantastic mountains view. Walk is not long so if you will feel that you have not enough you can continue and climb the top of Gęsia Szyja. To go up you will have to go through steep steps but on the top you will see such a beautiful panorama that you wille asy forget about being tired.

Kuźnice  - nicely located part of Zakopane, from where a lot of walks routs begins. For example to Kalatówki, Kopa Kondracka, Giewont, Hala Gąsienicowa or Kasprowy Wierch. We can find here also start point of cable car  going to the top of Kasprowy Wierch.

Kasprowy Wierch – very popular top, from one hand because of really wonderful panaroma from the top but from the other hand because of cable car going all year long up and down is making easy to reach the Kasprowy. For sure it’s beautiful opportunity  and we can have about 2 hours on the top to admire view and walk around. For more experience tourists, esepcially in the summer we propose to climb there by your own feet (it’s take about 3 hours and in summer you won’t need any special equpment) and in the winter time you can skiing there. You don’t have to go to Alps! : )

Hala Gąsienicowa – one of the most picturesque Tatras hall. We can go there from Kuźnice throug Jaworzynka Valley (Dolina Jaworzynki) or Boczań (less steep way) and after 2 hours walk we can relax at lovely Gąsienicowa. It’s also one of the ways to Kasprowy Wierch (it’s still one hour to the top). It’s good to stay here for a while, drink a tea in Schronisko Murowaniec (mountain refuge) and continue walk to Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy – little lake with pretty view to the tops. Nice trip for everyone!

Polana Kondratowa through Kalatówki – next trip we beggining in Kuźnice; firstly we will walk stone road up till Kalatówki Glade (Polana Kalatówki), which is known from fantastic view, ski center in the winter, and sheep grazing in the summer. From Kalatówki it’s possible to contrinue walk through the lovely forest path till Kondratowa Glade (Polana Kondratowa). Glade it’s good start point of longer trips (for instance to: Kopa Kondracka, Czerwone Wierchy, Giewont) , however short walk just to the glade it’s also good idea.

Giewont – undoubtedly one of the most popular top of the  Tatras Mountain. The way to the top is quite easy, on the last moment you can use safety chains. This is the reason that a lot of people would like to climb to the top. We strongly recommend to start trip on the early morning, otherwise you could get stuck on the way (because of a lot of people waiting to go up). The easiest way seems to be that one starting from Kuźnice (it’s not so steep) but you will walk mostly through the forest. Nicer view you could found on the way going through Little Meadow Valley (Dolina Małej Łąki); it’s also possible to go through Strążyska Valley (Dolina Strążyska), so it’s good to read more about every roads before you will choose the best one for you. It’s can  be crowdy but anyway after seeing panorama from the top you will not regret this trip!

Dolina Kościeliska – one of the most popular Tatras Valley. It’s easy, nice walk for everyone (also for fammilies with children and seniors) in any part of the year. What you will find in the valley? Forest path along the river and on the way opportunity to visit one of open caves for tourist. After about 1,5 hour walk we will arrive to Hala Ornak, where is Schronisko PTTK (mountain refuge). It’s good place for relax and enjoying the view. Good idea is also to make a little longer walk to Smreczyński Staw – little lake close by. From there it’s even nicer view!

Dolina Chochołowska – is known mostly because of the crocuses in the spring time. It’s also one the the place in Tatras when you do ride a bike (it’s possible to rent one by the entrance). It’s the longest tatras valley and it can be good start for the longer trips to the tatras tops. It’s nice trip for everyone, doesn’t matter of the age. On the end of the valley you will arrive to Chochołowska Glade (Polana Chochołowska)   - good place to relax and admire beautiful panorama.


At the afternoon it’s time to relax! In Zakopane and area we can find few wonderful place where is pleasure to relax after intensive day in the mountains. Healthy thermal water, pools with slades, jacuzzies, saunas – what would you choose? Of course, we recommend visit in our Relaxation Zone, where you can enjoy finnish sauna and massages.


Where to go with kids? City park, Myszogród, Papugarnia, In the winter time – Snowlandia, Icerink, Zjazd pod skocznią, Góralski Ślizg pod Gubałówką and of course walk to the Dolina Białego.


After intensive day…  It’s time for a break and enjoying also cultural attraction with loves one or alone. In Zakopane we can visit the only one studio Cinema or more popular Cinemas: Sokół and Giewont. For those who are missing Culture we recommend to check Witkacy Theathre – ambitious theatre.  For the „dessert” you can visit one of the museum where you can learn more about region, local habitants and traditions. You shall also the oldest city street – Kościeliska to discover famous architecture style of Zakopane.


Zakopiański Dwór
Droga do Białego 1, 34-500 Zakopane

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